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    So, after seeing the auditions for FOTM, I could make out the plot thats probably for ep 1. Please note I do not know the order of events, or if this will even actually happen.

    Finn, who works at Circuit Circus, got really bad printers and he has to try and sell them (dressed as a printer).

    Gwen gets her hair stuck in the printer.

    Nicky needs to code the printer to make them work, and Gwen/ Finn will promise her a date w/ Barry.

    Barry, who is a D.O.R.C., is seeing a movie (I will edit the movie name into this later) with Finn, but Finn says he can't go till he sells all the printers. Barry says he isn't up for the hijinks, lying, and social factor of the plan.

    Barry forgot something somewhere (and somehow went to A&S, I was really confused what…

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