What is wrong with that guy?! He's SOOO...... CUTE! YAY!
“The Guy Who Stole Christmas”
Season 3, Episode 1
Growing Up And Down Pilot
Air Date

December 25, 2017


Gary Marsh


Gary Marsh

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The Guy Who Stole Christmas is the first episode of the third series of Fairest of the Mall, and the 60th episode overall. It was written and directed by Gary Marsh, the executive head of Disney Channel, and is slated to air on December 25, 2017.

Overview Edit

Christmas arrives and Gwen is soooo! excited. The mall turns its self into a Christmas theme park, and has invited everyone for a fun day shopping for free! Butr when Gwen meets a new guy called, Christopher, she falls head-over heels for him and Finn gets jealous and finds a shocking history about Christopher - Will Christopher ruin Christmas and break Gwen's heart? Elsewhere, the gang celebrate Xmas with a bang - What will happen when things collide.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

  • Cecilia Balagot as Gwen Pierce
  • Sierra Mccormick as Bethany
  • Adam Irogien as Finn
  • Noah Centineo as Barry
  • Raini Rodriguez as Nicky

Reccuring Cast Edit

  • Larry Joe Campbell as Manager Buccer

Special Guest Star Edit

  • TBA as Matthew

Quotes Edit

Gwen and Christopher sitting in a tree! O-M-G-N-O!
Finn to Barry

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